About us

About us

The Free Institute for Politics and Strategy is an independent research organization. Her focus is research and education in the fields of politics and geopolitics.
FIPS is known for predictive and insightful analysis of domestic and foreign political affairs as well as the global system.

In a time of buzzwords, manipulation and partiality, the FIPS aims to present clear, thoughtful and independent information on important public policy issues. The goal is to present citizens with a concise and understandable overview of modern politics.
At the same time, we work with decision-makers to archive better judgment and to develop more effective strategies through our research and findings.



If you are interested in geopolitics, or if you want to learn more about the political issues of the present - including the philosophical, historical and economic foundations of these topics; Then an FIPS internship could be the right thing for you!
FIPS internships are designed for students, graduates and post-graduates who have a strong willingness for objective research and honest reporting, coupled with a great interest in global politics and related issues.
Most of the internships are in the field of researchers and authors. It is your task to monitor developments and events in the regions of the earth, which fit into your abilities, as well as writing articles and dossiers.
Other positions are in communication-oriented roles, including media relations, public relations and video production.
Our internship offers a great opportunity to get to know both research and publication in the exciting field of geopolitics.

We are also welcoming independent authors who want to publish their articles with us. Please contact us for this purpose.


All our limited content is exclusive for our subscribers. We can not allow the distribution or uploading of such content to other sites, file sharing services, or otherwise.
It is our paid services and products that enable us to continue to produce publications and offer them as free products.
It is allowed to share, upload or redestribute anything that is free on this site. It can be used free of charge on the Internet, provided it is provided with a proper assignment (author, title, date, FIPS, web address).
For print reproduction rights please contact us. We can not offer rights to any articles that appear on this page, but which were originally published elsewhere.
Thank you for your understanding!

Privacy and security

FIPS will not sell, transfer, or otherwise voluntarily disclose any personally identifiable information, such as names, postal addresses, or e-mail addresses submitted by purchasers of FIPS products or other users of this site. FIPS will disclose such personal data only if required by law and in response to a proper legal process.
Online purchases can make the transfer of information necessary to enable a transaction. We will pass on only the most necessary information, and only for this purpose.
Like all websites, FIPS is vulnerable to hacking, viruses, denial-of-service attacks, and other incidents that may result in the corruption or compromise of user-supplied data, even though we have made every effort to secure our site. FIPS can not be held responsible for the loss caused by the breach of the security of its services.


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