If you are interested in geopolitics, or if you want to learn more about the political issues of the present - including the philosophical, historical and economic foundations of these topics; Then an FIPS internship could be the right thing for you!
FIPS internships are designed for students, graduates and post-graduates who have a strong willingness for objective research and honest reporting, coupled with a great interest in global politics and related issues.
Most of the internships are in the field of researchers and authors. It is your task to monitor developments and events in the regions of the earth, which fit into your abilities, as well as writing articles and dossiers.
Other positions are in communication-oriented roles, including media relations, public relations and video production.
Our internship offers a great opportunity to get to know both research and publication in the exciting field of geopolitics.

We are also welcoming independent authors who want to publish their articles with us. Please contact us for this purpose.



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